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I think that everyone’s forgotten that in Mark of Athena it was said that Nico had a crush on Annabeth.

So either that “spoiler” is fake or Nico’s bisexual. Either way, he’s not gay.

ANNABETH said she THOUGHT Nico had a crush on her. But Annabeth is not infallible. 

Like, if Annabeth spends most of her time around Percy. And every time Nico is around them, he acts like he has a crush, it might not be Annabeth he’s reacting to. 

It’s possible that Nico is bisexual, but we don’t have that kind of evidence at the moment. 

Do I need to mention Battle of the Labyrinth?

This was before Percy and Annabeth got together. Nico said he’d only go to Camp for Annabeth. He looks up to Percy like a brother and a friend. He’s never shown any sort of love in a romantic way for Percy. But he has shown that he’s willing to do things if Annabeth asks him too, which in my experience with boys who haven’t gone through puberty is pretty much their reaction to having a crush on someone.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible for him to be bisexual ‘cause it totally is. But it would be horrible writing on Rick’s part and completely OOC for Nico to say he has a crush on Percy. There’s also the fact that if that scene’s real, then what’s to say it’s not Cupid messing with them like the Lotus cookies messed with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover?

Bonus round! At the beginning of TLO Percy is walking Mrs. O’ Leary when he sees Nico, Juniper, and whats-his-face-head-satyr-fat-dude having a conversation. Nico has no idea Percy is there, but is blushing around Juniper.


Do you guys really need anymore proof that Nico is at least bisexual but most likely straight? He’s not gay!

Wow. This is a disgusting display of queerphobia. 

Nico’s reactions to Annabeth and Juniper are not confirmed to be romantic in nature. (I honestly don’t even remember the Juniper incident, and in the HoH spoiler Nico explains why he was acting that way around Annabeth and Percy) His feelings for PERCY on the other hand? That is confirmed by multiple sources now. 

And regardless, being bisexual does not make you “mostly straight” and it’s horrific and gross to refer to us that way. Biphobia to the extreme. 

The fact that even with multiple pieces of photographic evidence, people would go to these lengths to erasure, ignore, discredit, and minimize Nico’s queerness is frankly pretty hostile.